Akash Ceramics Pvt. Ltd was registered as Company in the year 1995. The company takes pride in the well qualified and experienced directors on board viz. Dr. Paresh Akhani, Mr. Ratilal Akhani, Mr. Rajesh Akhani, Mr. Natvarlal Akhani and Mr. Digant Akhani. Three of them are ex-government employees. Their proficiency in business management and years of experience and knowledge of ceramic industry is an asset to the company. During a journey of more than fifteen years, company has increased its production capacity, widened the product range, established a brand image in market and developed a good distribution/dealer network. All this has contributed to an established brand name of Akash Ceramics, making us enjoy a good reputation in the industry.

Manufacturing Facility :

The company owns well established manufacturing facility in Gandhinagar District. The products are registered under brand name “Dakshinamurti”. While beginning in 1996, with wall tiles plant, the company possessed old indigenous machinery with no atomisation at that time. During the journey of growth spanning more than a decade, the company has taken wise steps to replace the old plant and machineries from time to time with those of latest technology like Cake preparation was replaced with Spray dryer, Tunnel kiln technology replaced with fast firing roller kiln, mechanical press replaced with hydraulic press, etc.

However, our Floor tiles plant started with imported machineries from Italy and Spain, that too with latest technology and of the reputed brands of Europe like Sacmi and Carffer. The Company is enjoying world’s latest single fire roller technology and thus it is at par with any other plant of the world. In 2006, company entered in to fast growing and premium product market, i.e. Polished Vitrified tiles. The plant is imported from Italian renowned company SACMI and some machinery from China. The Kiln, which is very long and automatic and is 140 meter long helps ensure more compact body, better vitrification and durable performance. SACMI make 4600 meter press with iso-static punches ensuring even balance of strength in total surface of the tile. Polishing line with 42 heads and 12 fixed calibration heads and 6 Oscillating calibrating heads gives a better reflection to the product.

In 2011-12, the Company also made a huge expansion in vitrified tiles division by building altogether additional capacity of around 90000 MTA. This has been possible by state of art technology from Sacmi Italy and China. The Company has installed the kiln of around 214 Meters which is the longest in India. Now all three plants of the company have world class, state of the art technology. This is the latest technology used by all prominent companies of European countries like, Italy, Spain and China as well as many other parts of the world. The facility is accredited with ISO 9001-2008: ISO 14001-2004